I’d like to keep my engagement going, but our parents got married first.

When two young people love each other deeply, they often end up getting married. Parents can sometimes make things hard for couples, but many of them find ways to get through them. But this couple’s situation is different—their parents don’t like that they’re getting married because they’re kind of like step-siblings.

Before they became parents, they were seeing each other.

“My relationship with my now-fiancé (27F) has been going on for five years, and we’ve been engaged for two weeks. She’s also my stepsister.” They think it’s weird, so they want us to end it.

The problem with this is that I’ve known my fiancé for more than eight years, and the only reason we are step siblings is because we introduced her father and my mother to each other three years ago. They got married last year.

We put my mom and dad together at her 23rd birthday party; they were both single at the time. We never thought they would date because they are so different from each other. One of the things that comes with being in a relationship is meeting the parents. That’s what we thought too.

“Neither her father nor her mother are still alive.” Seven months into their relationship, we found out they were dating. It was weird, but we chose to stay out of it since it had nothing to do with us and they seemed happy.

Even though things were kind of going well, we stayed away from them because we still thought something was off. They also didn’t bother us, but after their wedding, that stopped.

They started making strange comments here and there, and then all of a sudden my mom started telling me about this pretty girl she works with or the new girl at the grocery store who wants to meet me. Her dad did a lot of the same things, but in a more subtle way. He talked about not getting married young, traveling, and enjoying life. We thought this was weird, and we told them to stop several times.

As soon as I proposed, things got worse, and they were very angry when we told them. They got really mad and started yelling at us. They asked other people what they thought and if we were trying to make them look bad since we are siblings. The joke about us dating has gone on for too long. It’s time for us to break up because we can’t date each other anymore since they got married and we became a family.

They told us they wanted to break up because they were sick of how awkward we made them feel and hearing other people talk about them behind their backs. My fiancé was crying at this point because we were so gross.

“I told them we hadn’t done anything wrong and that if anyone was gross, it was them because who marries the parent of their child’s partner? The calls and texts on our phones have been crazy with people telling us they won’t support us and will cut us off if we keep dating, among other things I don’t think are allowed here.

The man I’m engaged to and I both agree that we are not going to break up or cancel anything. If that means cutting off some things, we are fine with that.

We dated first, even though it looks bad from the outside because we are step-siblings and I don’t want to sound like a 9-year-old. Should we already be married, will they still want us to get a divorce?”

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