My husband is enraged that my best friend wants me to be the mother of his child.

A lot of people think that friends are like the family we pick. They can feel even closer than our family at times. What happens when best friends ask each other to be the mother of their child? That’s what today’s story is about. Some people might think that best friends often become partners, but the woman is married, and her husband doesn’t like the idea.

She told people about her on the web.

“My best friend is a 26-year-old man.” He’s married to his partner and gay. I’m married. We chose not to have kids.

A baby is going to be born to my friend and his partner. The donor will be my best friend. He and his partner asked me to be their egg donor because they want to be involved with the life of the baby. I agreed to go.

“But when I told my husband about this, he was very angry.” That he didn’t like the thought of his wife having a child with someone else. He agreed, and we agreed to be the baby’s aunt and uncle.

He wasn’t okay, and he won’t talk to me now. It’s not going to happen. I’m only giving away my eggs. They are going to have a surrogate carry the baby.

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