I’m Not Allowed to Go to My Stepson’s Birthday Party

Things can quickly become uncomfortable when the relationship between parents in a blended family isn’t good. Stella recently reached out to us online about her discomfort. She’s never gotten along with her husband’s ex, and now, she’s in a tough spot because she’s not invited to her stepson’s birthday party. She’s seeking advice on what to do.

Here is Stella’s letter:

“He is seven years old, and his mom is throwing a big party at her house for 25 people. Of course, my husband was invited, but he was told very clearly that he couldn’t bring me with him.

The ex-wife of my husband hates me, even though I take great care of her son. We’ve never been friends. I try to ignore her as much as possible because she is rude and talks about me behind my back.
That’s why I told my husband he couldn’t go. I said, “You’d be insulting me in front of our friends if you go without me.”

He looked at me and said, “You should have thought about being nicer to my ex.” You can’t just ignore her and then expect to be invited to her house. He said, “My ex-wife and I will always have a special bond because we share a son together.”

My husband still shouldn’t go to this party, I say. He says he’s going, but we can have a smaller one at our house. Should I not ask for so much?


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