My DNA test I took for fun revealed a family secret that I had no idea about.

It’s awful to find out that the person who calls you “son” is not really your father. Some people who do a DNA test at home just for fun or to learn more about their roots have had this happen to them. The boy in our story and his father both took the test together and found out something secret about their family.

Having a baby is a full-time job that should be split between two people. For the child’s healthy development, parents should also keep them out of situations that make them feel bad. Take a look at how this person and his family handled things.

My dad and I bought a DNA test kit just for fun because of all the buzz about it. We got our results a few days ago, and I went to the section for DNA testing to see if there were any matches. That’s not possible. It said that my father and I shared only 29.2% DNA, which is not the same.

I didn’t get it because my dad and I are in the same haplogroup and look a lot alike. My cousin took the test and got the same score as me (24.6%), which meant she was likely my half-sister. There should only be a 12% chance that two first cousins will match.

Because I couldn’t think of any genetic parentage that would explain the results, I had to talk to experts. The shared percentages are mostly correct and not likely to be wrong. The only thing that made sense was that my uncle, who is the father of my cousin and the brother of my father, is actually my father.

The truth hit me like a ton of bricks, and I felt like I had lost something. I was shocked for an hour in my room. After that, I was filled with anger. That one person was the only one who could give me clarity.

I talked to my mom right away, without giving it a second thought. She works in business and is sometimes on the road. She had just come back from being away, so she didn’t know that my dad and I had done this test. I’ve never had a “traditional” relationship with my mom because she was always busy with work. That’s why my dad raised me most of the time.

I asked her out of the blue if she had cheated on my dad with my uncle. I’ve never seen someone lose so much color in their face so quickly. “What kind of question is that?” she asked in a shocked voice. No way!” I told her about the test, the odds, the coincidences, and everything else. In tears, my mom fell to the floor and begged me not to tell Dad anything.

I went back to my room after leaving her there. I told my cousin, who is now my half-sister, everything. She screamed at the end of the call. When my father (now my uncle) got home, he went to my room and asked what was wrong. I also told him everything. After he calmed down, he didn’t say anything. I shut the door after he left the room.

For the next few hours, I stayed in my room and heard my whole family having a temper tantrum. When my parents got into a big fight, my grandparents ran over to see what was going on. Soon after, my biological father and aunt-in-law showed up. I think I heard him and my “father” fighting. No order at all.

This makes me feel terrible. I understand that it’s not my fault, but I feel like I caused it. Things would not have gone this way if I had spent my birthday money on something else. On the other hand, I’m glad I know the truth. I’m scared to leave the house. Right now, all I can hear is my dad crying. My life is broken up.

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