Man Digging In His Backyard Makes The Last Discovery He Ever Expected To Find

John Sims’s move to Tucson, Arizona, took an unexpected turn when he discovered a mysterious rumor about his new property.
Rumors suggested that something was buried on the premises, sparking John’s curiosity and prompting him to investigate further. What he uncovered was beyond his expectations: a nuclear bomb shelter dating back to the Cold War era.

The journey began when John’s friend, the former owner of the house, shared the rumor with him. Intrigued, John decided to explore his backyard and started digging. After consulting municipal records and hiring consultants with metal detectors, he located the suspected site of the buried structure. With careful planning and the help of friends, John embarked on the task of excavating the area.

To his amazement, John uncovered the entrance to a hatch leading to a spiral staircase. Recognizing the potential dangers, he exercised caution and formed a team to assist him in further exploration. After overcoming various challenges, including rusty stairs and deteriorating fiberglass ceilings, John made a remarkable discovery – a well-preserved nuclear bomb shelter built by Whitaker Pools during the Cold War era.

John’s backyard excavation gained widespread attention after he shared his story on Reddit, leading to interviews with local and international media outlets. Inspired by his find, John plans to transform the bomb shelter into a Cold War museum, complete with memorabilia and artifacts from that era.

However, restoring the bomb shelter comes with its challenges, and John turned to crowdfunding to seek financial support for the renovation efforts. With the funds raised, he was able to make progress in repairing the entryway and ensuring safe access to the shelter.

In addition to his own project, John offers advice to other Tucson residents who may have similar structures on their properties. He urges caution and recommends checking city or county records for information on bomb shelters before embarking on any excavation endeavors.

John’s journey from uncovering a mysterious rumor to discovering a piece of Cold War history in his backyard serves as a reminder of the hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface, waiting to be unearthed.

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