Since his tragic death, several of his kids have spoken publicly about him, revealing the truth for all to read

John Wayne, born Marion Morrison on May 26, 1907, in Winterset, Iowa, rose to prominence as one of the most iconic figures in Hollywood history.
His journey to stardom was marked by twists of fate and personal challenges, but his enduring legacy as a family man and cinematic legend endures to this day.

Growing up, John experienced a nomadic childhood, moving to Glendale, California, with his family as a young boy. Despite facing hardships, including his father’s illness and the family’s failed attempt at farming in the Mojave Desert, John found solace in school and developed a passion for acting.

While attending Glendale High School, John discovered his love for the stage, participating in theatrical productions and excelling in various extracurricular activities. However, his dreams of pursuing a college education were cut short by financial constraints, leading him to explore opportunities in the movie industry.

After a brief stint in college and a setback due to a bodysurfing accident, John found work at local movie studios, where he honed his skills as a prop man and extra. It was during this time that he crossed paths with influential figures like John Ford, who would shape his career in the years to come.

John’s breakthrough came with his starring role in the 1930 film “The Big Trail,” which marked the beginning of his transformation from Marion Morrison to John Wayne. From there, he went on to achieve immense success in Hollywood, starring in numerous classic films that solidified his status as a cinematic icon.

Despite his fame and fortune, John remained humble and grounded, always considering himself as Duke Morrison first and foremost. His personal life was marked by multiple marriages and fatherhood, with seven children from three different marriages.

Tragically, John’s life was cut short by a battle with lung cancer, which he succumbed to on June 11, 1979, at the age of 72. His passing marked the end of an era in Hollywood, but his legacy lives on through his timeless films and the memories shared by his family and fans alike.

In his final moments, surrounded by loved ones, John Wayne’s last words reflected the love and affection he had for his family, encapsulating the essence of the man behind the legend. Today, he rests in peace at Newport Beach, California’s Pacific View Memorial Park Cemetery, his final resting place overlooking the ocean, a fitting tribute to a Hollywood legend.

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