Hidden Unknown Treasures At Grandma’s House

If there’s one thing we know about time, it’s the fact that it continues to move forward and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. There are times when this may even cause changes in the way that we live our lives, as technology and other factors move along with time.
This fact was seen in an interesting way recently when a young man found something at his grandparent’s home. Unfortunately, his grandparents had passed away and he was looking through their belongings and found some little metal rods.

He was wondering what these rods could be and there are many people who probably would not be able to say what they were.
They were actually from the 1940s or 1950s and are a style of Nutcracker that is not typically found any longer. You would use these little sticks after the nut shell was cracked to remove the nut from the shell.

Typically, this would be part of a tool kit that would allow you to eat as much of the nut as you possibly could. One type of nut that they were used for regularly was chestnuts.

The toolkit would include a Nutcracker, that you could use to squeeze the nut and crack the shell. You could then use one of the smaller pics to extract the meat from the nut, similar to the way that you would extract meat from a crab leg.

here was also an old wooden bowl that matched the nutcrackers. It was made to look like a chestnut, and that is what was typically found in it.

Things like these are sometimes lost to time but when we find them, it’s like finding a piece of the past and a hidden treasure that is just waiting to be discovered.

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