Our Children Confronted Us About Depleting Their Inheritance — Their Boldness Was So Startling That We Decided It Was Time for a Teachable Moment

When our children accused us of squandering their future inheritance, the audacity of their claims took us by surprise. Rather than reacting with anger, we saw a prime opportunity to impart a crucial life lesson about the value of money and the importance of living life fully.

My husband, Tom, and I have always embraced a lifestyle that balances modesty with fulfillment. We’ve been diligent in our efforts to save and invest throughout our working years, and now, as we venture into our retirement, we wish to relish the rewards of our lifelong prudence. Our physician recently advised a change of scenery to benefit our health, prompting us to plan a modest yet delightful beachside getaway—a much-needed reprieve for both of us.

I was eager to share the joyous news of our planned vacation with our children, Emma and Jake, anticipating their excitement, or perhaps a hint of envy, about our little adventure. However, their reaction was far from what I expected.

Upon showing Emma and Jake a snapshot of the quaint hotel we would be staying at, Emma’s response was tinged with reproach. She sighed and remarked, “You know, you should think about us too,” implying a shared ownership of our funds. “Your money isn’t just yours; it’s also our inheritance. If you spend it all now, we’ll have nothing after you’re gone.”

Jake echoed her sentiments, adding, “Yeah, do you really need that vacation? People your age should stay home and keep it low-key. Why are you always spending money and doing things? Sometimes I feel like there’ll be nothing left for us.”

The sting of their words nearly brought me to tears, but a reassuring squeeze from Tom’s hand steeled my resolve. He had a plan, and together, we would address this.

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