Teen daughter disowns mother in favor of cheating dad – years later she comes back begging

One woman’s life took a dramatic turn when she married a wealthy man, whom she believed was a blessing to her family.

In her Reddit post, she explained how this man generously showered her parents with lavish gifts, paid off her sister’s credit card debts, and even secured a high-paying job for her brother in a reputable company.

Naturally, her in-laws admired her husband for his generosity and support during challenging times, even when he had been unfaithful to her.

The first instance of infidelity happened right after she gave birth to their child, Kelly. Vulnerable and contemplating leaving her husband, she turned to her family for advice. Despite their kind words, she struggled to make a decision and ultimately stayed in the marriage. She convinced herself that he husband cheated on her because she was unable to be the best wife to him during her pregnancy.

Years later, when Kelly was around 12, her husband cheated again. This time, she was determined to file for a divorce. Her family and in-laws, however, were opposed to the idea, as they wanted to avoid a scandal that could ruin the family’s reputation. Reluctantly, she filed for divorce, but the custody battle over Kelly became grueling, and her ex-husband’s legal team, along with her in-laws, had the upper hand.

The woman eventually lost custody of Kelly, but she received alimony and a reasonable settlement. Despite her best efforts to stay in touch with her daughter, the woman’s in-laws and her own parents painted her as the villain to Kelly. They portrayed her as unforgiving and unwilling to accept her ex-husband’s apologies. As a result, when Kelly became a teenager, she had been thoroughly convinced that her mother was evil.

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