My oven’s glass door shattered while I was eating dinner. It exploded about 5 minutes after it was turned off. I almost had a heart attack. This oven is only 2-3 years old. Why did this happen, and how can I prevent it? I could barely afford this one; I cannot buy a new oven. What do I do? 😭

Oven doors shatter due to two main reasons: the type of glass used and imperfections within it. Most ovens use tempered soda lime glass, which is less tolerant to thermal changes, or durable borosilicate glass.

However, tiny flaws like nickel sulfide inclusions can cause the glass to break spontaneously, particularly during high heat cycles such as self-cleaning. To prevent such incidents, it’s important to handle oven doors gently, avoid using scouring tools or placing heavy objects on the door, and ensure dishes inside the oven don’t touch the glass.

Simple precautions like using soft cleaning tools and avoiding temperature shocks can significantly reduce the risk of shattering, keeping your kitchen safe and your oven in good working condition.

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