When I discovered my husband was unfaithful to me, Karma caught up with him.

Infidelity breaks down the trust that is at the heart of a relationship that is based on honesty and commitment. But karma is a reminder that the lies and pain a cheater causes his or her partner may come back to haunt the cheater with unimaginable results. This is what happened to Jessica when she found out her husband had been cheating on her. She was devastated, but karma quickly helped her get over it. She wrote a letter to get help figuring out what to do next.

Romeo (32M), my husband, and I (27F), got married two years ago. As of now, he’s been a wonderful husband. He works hard to make sure that we both have a nice life and that the family we want to start soon can too. He went on business trips every once in a while. He has been taking these two-day trips more often than usual lately, though. That’s what I thought it was his job.

When he got back from his last trip, I planned a surprise for him: I would clean up his car, which is something he always does himself. I found several receipts for the same hotel room in our town in his car while I was cleaning. The real surprise, though, was that the dates fell on his “out-of-town work trips.”

So I wouldn’t have to deal with him, I waited for his next “trip.” When the day finally came, he came home and said, “I need to leave right away.” Deep down, I was already ready, but I just nodded. I went with him because I had already written down the hotel’s address. He was there with the other woman, as expected. I just stood there and watched them hug. I was so angry that my hands were shaking.

Then, out of nowhere, I came around the corner and confronted them. Roman tried to explain, but I wouldn’t listen. I drove home, got my most important things together, and then went to my parents’ house.

The good news was that I found out his mistress was a con artist. That’s something I found out just a few days after I broke up with him. It turned out that they had been dating for six months. Once she had my husband’s trust, she got him to open a joint account for their “future life” together, but she then took all the money out of it. She took all the money and ran away once she had everything she had planned.

Right now, my husband is pleading with me to forgive him. His punishment came a lot faster than I thought it would, which made my angry heart feel a little better. But he broke my trust, and I’m not sure if time will be enough to heal my wounds. I don’t know if I should give him another chance, maybe through couple therapy, or get a divorce and move on with my life, since we don’t have any kids together. Please help me with this matter by giving me wise advice.


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