Shania Twain debuts new hair color, fans claim she looks ‘unrecognizable’

Shania Twain‘s latest look has a number of fans saying, “that don’t impress me much.”

While the country legend has been known to change up her look every once in awhile, remember her red hair at last year’s Grammy Awards, her latest has left fans a bit concerned.

On Thursday, the 58-year-old showed off her latest hairdo on Instagram, rose gold wavy tresses.

“Color my hair, do what I dare! 💅” she captioned the photo.

While the “You’re Still The One” singer appeared to love her look, fans seemed less than thrilled. Some even accused her of going under the knife.

I wish she would doing work on her face . So unnecessary!”

“Poster child for plastic surgery and Ozempic. I miss the old you!”

“Oh honey what did you do to yourself”

Your face lift is giving off Micheal Jackson vibes”

Someone even questioned if Twain was now a Kardashian.

“This look gives me kardashian vibes 😂”

Despite the criticism there were still fans who were in love with Twain’s new look.

“LET’S GO GIRL!!! 🔥🔥🔥”

“This hair is GIVING. 👏👏👏”

What do you think of Shania Twain’s new look?

In the end, does it really matter? Shania can do whatever she wants and doesn’t need approval from anyone, especially her fans.

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