What Should I Do When My Best Friend Falls in Love With My Husband?

Our best friends might be the most important people in our lives. Their help is there for us when we’re in pain or trouble, and sometimes they even take care of our kids. But for our heroine today, her best friend could soon become her worst enemy. This is all because of the love triangle, which is made up of the woman, her friend, and her husband. In a letter, the woman asked our readers for their thoughts and suggestions. This is her story.

I want to remain anonymous, but a 26-year-old woman wrote a letter that was a big plea for help. “My husband and I have been together since we were teenagers,” she began her letter. Our child is now 6 months old, and we just got married last year. She makes our lives better. My husband and I both grew up in broken homes, and we really want our daughter to have a better life than we did.

This woman said, “After a few years, my best friend came into my life.” We began hanging out on the side because we used to live in the same area. Although she is only in her third year of college, she lives with her parents and siblings.

The woman went on, “My best friend didn’t like my husband at first.” She said that he was needy and tried to become a part of our friendship. Because he was my boyfriend, she was nice to him. To give you some background, my husband has autism and PTSD, which makes him a little awkward around other people and prone to breaking social rules. I love him no matter what, though.”

The woman and her husband were very happy together.

“We’ve been hanging out a lot more over the last few years,” the woman says next in her story. My best friend comes over for coffee, and we watch movies and visit many gags together. We used to have fun together as a family of three, and my husband also tried to make nights just the two of us ”

“Last year, my spouse and I found out we were going to have a baby together,” the woman admitted. When I got sick, I was at work because I worked at a fast food place. I threw up and went to the doctor right away. That’s where I learned I was nineteen and a half weeks pregnant.
Because I was getting ready to be a mom, my life changed, and I became busier. We didn’t see my best friend as often and couldn’t talk as much. It took my husband and me almost two months to get married after we found out we were going to have a baby.

Things between the woman and her best friend have changed a lot all of a sudden.

After telling her story, the woman says, “This is when things changed for us.” I want to get a degree so I can go to law school and become a paralegal. I also stay at home with my kids while I go to college. This time, I’ve been really busy.
My best friend sent a text message to my husband one day. She was upset and asked if they could talk. He called me and said we had to go get my best friend because her dad was getting into a fight with her. We were watching a movie together when I got mad. I had just put the baby to bed.

“We went to her house, which was about twenty minutes away, and she stayed with us for the night,” the woman says. As I put our daughter back to sleep, the friend came over and asked to hug us both. I wasn’t sure. Because of a bad experience I had as a child, I have trouble with claustrophobia.
My husband said it was okay. We found a place to stay the night. The friend’s dad said sorry, and she went home. After she left, I talked to my husband about it. Not only was what he did wrong, it was also disrespectful to my boundaries.

From then on, things got even worse.

The woman wrote, “Since then, whenever my friend has a problem with her dad, she calls my husband to complain.” When my in-laws came to stay with us one day, my MIL heard my husband and a friend talking. Her worry made her ask me if I was okay with it. I told them it was fine with me.

The woman went on, “It’s important to know that my MIL’s ex-husband, my husband’s father, cheated on her in the past.” Also, we’re very close, and she thinks of me as her daughter. She really hates cheaters, and my husband was giving the same reasons his dad did. She talked to him, they got angry, and my husband told me he was sorry. He said he didn’t know it was making me feel bad and giving our marriage problems.

“Lately, my best friend has been calling my husband three to eight times a day,” the woman said, describing her main worry. She says it’s because she’s bored and doesn’t have anyone else to talk to. My husband told me she was just lonely, but I was mad. I slept in the living room that night.”

At the end of her letter, the woman said, “I’m beginning to think that she is trying to take up all of my husband’s time.” He gets a lot of calls from her, and they talk about her life. It’s almost like she’s his girlfriend. This relationship is starting to bother me. It’s getting so bad that it’s affecting my marriage. What should I do next? Please give me any advice you can.

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