I’m Pregnant, and My MIL Posted a Scan of My Baby Without Asking

Social media has emerged as the preferred medium for sharing life’s significant events in the modern world, frequently erasing private boundaries. A soon-to-be mother is excitedly anticipating the birth of her child, but she is confronted with a challenge because of her mother-in-law’s tendency to share excessively. The woman has chosen to look for guidance online because she believes that her mother-in-law is taking away from her special moments.

What took place was:

“My fiancé, who is 29 years old, and I have been trying to conceive for more than 6 years. We are overjoyed to be pregnant at last. But I’ve noticed that my MIL posts frequently on her social media pages and is a little finger friendly.

The first was when we formally told our loved ones and close friends that we were expecting. I discovered that my mother-in-law had shared a post about her excitement at being a nan once more. My fiancé and I had not yet been able to announce our pregnancy because we wanted to wait until after our 12-week scan.”

“She was probably just really excited, so I didn’t say much. Instead, I concentrated on trying to stay as healthy as possible for the baby. The second was at our gender reveal, which we had been looking forward to for weeks. We learned our baby’s gender, and it was a lovely day filled with lots of tears. There were numerous photos taken, all of which included close friends and family.

My day abruptly ended when I received a notification that I had been tagged in a post by my mother-in-law, which revealed our baby’s gender to the public. I must admit that this infuriated me; I had hoped that my fiancé and I would be able to announce it together first. My fiancé promised to speak with her after I expressed my concerns to him.”

“At 30 weeks pregnant, we made the decision to have a 4D scan in order to see our beautiful child. Before sharing the images on social media, we emailed the scan results to our immediate family. Once more, my fiancé and I were not able to make the post before my MIL did.

Now that she’s made these announcements ahead of time, we have to sit her down and tell her that she has stolen these moments from us. We will never be able to get those first few moments back with our baby. Now that we are overreacting, my MIL has become very agitated. I don’t know why she persists in doing this. She never made these announcements before her daughter did, and she has additional grandchildren from her eldest daughter.”

Online, the expectant mother received a ton of support.

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