To release illegal aliens.

The release of illegal aliens jailed in connection with a border entry point riot that overpowered Texas National Guard personnel has been ordered by an El Paso magistrate judge.

The El Paso Times reported that during an online teleconference bond hearing, Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta issued the Easter Sunday ruling. The district attorney’s office in El Paso was accused by the judge of not being prepared to move forward with the detention hearings for each defendant.

“The court has decided that all cases involving rioting participation will be released on their own recognisance,” Acosta declared.

The Texas Department of Safety made the arrests in response to an event that occurred on March 21 in which a group of undocumented immigrants attacked Texas National Guard members and destroyed border barriers in an attempt to enter the country. In the lower valley of El Paso, in the Riverside neighbourhood, a group of primarily Venezuelan men overran National Guard soldiers.
Several mob members are accused of assaulting a public worker after they pushed down members of the national guard. In an attempt to get their asylum applications handled, the illegal aliens attempted to elude Texas border security and turn themselves in to US Border Patrol agents.

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