Tragic news regarding Frank Fritz of the American Pickers

Frank Fritz, widely recognized from his appearance on “American Pickers,” has faced significant personal challenges and health issues in recent years.

His relationship with Diann Bankson, which began in 2017 and even led to the purchase of a farmhouse, took a tumultuous turn. Allegations of infidelity surfaced, leading to their breakup. Frank acknowledged the impact of the breakup, revealing his plans for marriage and purchasing a home, along with a costly engagement ring. He even got a tattoo reflecting his feelings about the situation.

The breakup took a toll on Frank, causing him to struggle with alcoholism and experience weight loss. In an effort to address his drinking problem, he decided to abstain from dating.

Additionally, Frank departed from “American Pickers” in March 2020 due to health issues. Although he aimed to return after surgery, the show had not made a final decision about his future involvement.

Meanwhile, Diann Bankson moved on with Eric Longlett, further complicating Frank’s personal life.

In July 2022, Frank suffered a stroke that resulted in hospitalization and subsequent struggles with rehabilitation. As a result, he required guardianship and conservatorship, with a friend taking on these roles to oversee his care, finances, and decision-making. An annual report on his condition and progress was mandated.

Frank Fritz’s life has taken unexpected turns, with personal and health challenges requiring significant adjustments and support from those around him.

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