If you see a man with one painted fingernail, here’s what it means

Elliot Costello’s encounter with Thea in Cambodia had a profound impact on him and inspired the #PolishedMan movement, which aims to combat child sexual abuse and raise awareness about the issue.

The simple act of Thea painting one of Elliot’s fingernails served as a powerful symbol of solidarity and remembrance for her suffering and the suffering of countless other children affected by sexual violence. By pledging to keep his nail painted, Elliot initiated a movement that encourages men worldwide to do the same, symbolizing the one in five children who experience sexual abuse.

The #PolishedMan movement seeks to challenge violent behavior and language, particularly among men, as they are responsible for the majority of child sexual abuse cases. By sparking conversations about child abuse and prevention efforts, the painted nail serves as a conversation starter and a visible reminder of the need for change.

Donations to the #PolishedMan movement support educational programs for child survivors, helping to empower and protect vulnerable children. The ultimate goal is to inspire more men, including celebrities, to join the movement and become advocates for ending child sexual abuse.

By sharing this message, we can help spread awareness about the #PolishedMan movement and contribute to its mission of creating a safer world for children everywhere

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