DeNiro’s Production Company Has No Clients Left: “He Destroyed His Own Brand”.

Robert DeNiro’s angry speeches across the Hollywood awards shows last year have had a major impact on his ability to be included in that world. Tinseltown’s casting directors have shunned him, his favorite restaurants have blacklisted him, and now his production company, Talkin’ 2 Me Pictures, sits dormant without a single client.

“The company was extremely popular,” said Hollywood Insider Joe Barron, “They worked 362 days a year for two decades. Unfortunately, DeNiro has destroyed his own brand.”

The company is famous for the Focker movies as well as most of Adam Sandler’s run in the 90s and 2000s. “We couldn’t have done Happy Gilmore without DeNiro,” said the little person who rode the horse in Happy’s daydreams, “Now? We wouldn’t hire him to ruin Snow White.”
The Company’s website lists it as active and accepting new clients, but the AI chatbot answering the phone tells a different story. In fact, it tells any story you ask it to. Please be respectful when stealing our headlines. Thanks in advance.

“Personally I think the whole thing is blown out of proportion,” said the fictional version of Robert DeNiro who has to go through all of this, “All the real me did was tell the truth.”

According to our records, “the truth” may or may not be up for debate. DeNiro clearly trashed Trump and his attempt to retake the White House, which most patriotic Trump-loving Americans found distasteful. But was it the truth?
That remains to be seen, patriots. Just not here. Ever.

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