Candace Owens Refuses To Watch ‘Barbie’ Movie: Here’s Why.

Mainstream media is fawning all over the “Barbie” movie, but there are plenty of reviewers who were less than enthused about the film’s extreme feminist messaging. Daily Wire host Candace Owens had her opinion on watching the fantasy comedy, which debuted July 21.

Owens explained on Friday why she had no interest in seeing the movie despite extreme marketing efforts meant to convince her otherwise.

“Obviously if you are listening to this podcast, you know one of the things that I really hate is that we are living in a world that is increasingly anti-man. While we are pretending that women are suffering under the foot of the patriarchy, what’s actually happening is that toxic feminism has risen to the top and is actually oppressing men with movements that make entirely no sense,” she said.

Owens went on to give a few examples of celebrities embodying this toxic femininity, including actor Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend who accused him of “emotional abuse” and posted private text messages, and singer Bebe Rexha, who reacted badly to her ex admitting she gained weight.

The podcast host said women are frequently “vicious toward men” and this behavior is typically applauded in the mainstream as some kind of feminist victory. Owens said she based her decision not to see the film on a review Sarah Vine wrote for the Daily Mail, which explained some of the issues with “Barbie.”

“I knew I could take her words at face value,” Owens said. The commentator goes on to quote the review, which says, “… My main objection is that Barbie is not really a film about Barbie at all. It’s one hour and 54 minutes of extended misandry, dressed up with a few fun dance routines and one or two (granted fairly decent) jokes.”
“It’s a deeply anti-man movie, an extension of all that TikTok feminism that paints any form of masculinity — other than the most anodyne — as toxic and predatory, and frames women’s liberation not as a movement based on achieving equality between the sexes but as a cultural revenge vehicle designed to write men out of the story altogether,” Vine adds.

“Every male character is either an idiot, a bigot or a sad, rather pathetic loser. If the roles were reversed, and a male director made a film about how all women were hysterical, neurotic, gold-digging witches, it would be denounced — quite rightly — as deeply offensive and sexist.”

Owens said this synopsis was enough to turn her off seeing the movie entirely.

“If that’s what she is trying to convey, that men are either idiots or bigots, or sad and when they demonstrate any form of masculinity they must be put back into their boxes by women. I’m just not interested,” she said.

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