Whoopi Goldberg Walks Off ‘The View’ Amid Miranda Lambert Controversy ‘I’m Leaving Y’all’

Whoopi Goldberg walked off as a joke and wasn’t actually leaving the show, despite the wishes of many critics. Videos of Whoopi Goldberg walking off ‘The View’ certainly took the Internet by storm as the co-hosts debated the situation with Miranda Lambert and it all had many critics hopeful for a subtle moment or three.

For background, Miranda Lambert was in the debate spotlight after stopping her show just to yell at some fans who wanted selfies of their concert experience. Tickets for Miranda Lambert were probably more than just a few bucks and it’s not uncommon for people to take photos at concerts to share on social media or keep for memories. The co-hosts of ‘The View’ were debating the situation with Miranda Lambert and if she should have stopped the show to yell at people, or if people should be taking selfies at shows, etc. It was a clouded mess of opinions that got Whoopi to stand up and walk towards the audience and say “I’m leaving y’all.”
It was co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin who tried appealing to both sides of the argument when it came to debating Miranda Lambert’s controversial situation. Griffin suggested that Lambert shouldn’t be calling out anyone who paid good money to come see her in concert, as it’s embarrassing to fans – especially if they’re just taking selfies and not causing trouble for other fans. This is where Whoopi Goldberg chimes in, suggesting the fans are rude for taking selfies. Whoopi said: “They paid money for the tickets, they came to see her, so she’s singing.

[Give] at least a little respect … acknowledge that you can see her [and] she can see you too.”
Another host, Sara Haines, pointed out that the fans who were scolded by Miranda Lambert were sitting fairly close to the stage when the selfie incident took place, but did that mean the famous singer should be yelling at them and stopping the show and causing a scene? That’s up for debate and Sunny Hostin implied that Miranda Lambert is in the wrong. Everyone who watched Whoopi Goldberg walk off ‘The View’ is likely to have a different reaction to her and what Miranda Lambert did during her concert. NOTE: This is borrowed

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