Woman Visits BFF who Recently Adopted Baby, Recognizes Baby as Her Own Biological Son – Story of the Day

Tina’s life unravels when she notices a birthmark on her best friend Megan’s adopted son that’s identical to the one her deceased son had. As she struggles to understand this impossible coincidence, Tina uncovers a harrowing truth.

Tina struggled to feel happy for her best friend Megan, who was showing off her adopted son, Shawn. “He’s perfect, Meg,” she managed to say, even though she was still mourning her own son’s death and dealing with a recent divorce.

Still, Megan glowed with happiness as she showed Shawn to her best friend in the world, pointing out his cute features. When Tina held the baby, though, she was shocked to feel an unexpected warmth and familiarity

Something caught her attention. It was a distinctive birthmark on the baby that looked exactly like the one her late son had. Unable to contain her emotions, Tina started sobbing with the baby still in her arms.

Megan rushed to comfort her. “Tina, are you okay?” she asked, patting her shoulder.

“No,” Tina replied weakly.

Her friend tried to console her, admitting that they should’ve waited some more before Tina met Shawn. But Tina was honestly not listening as new thoughts raced in her head.

Could Shawn really be her Liam?

“I need some air,” Tina said, suddenly needing to escape. She handed Shawn back and left her friend’s house, knowing her thoughts were crazy. Her baby had been declared dead at the hospital. This had to be a coincidence.

At home, Tina faced her grief directly by opening a baby book with Liam’s photos. The birthmark on the picture matched Shawn’s exactly, only worsening her suspicions and the horrible implications. Should she wait or…no, she couldn’t stay still.

Determined, Tina contacted a private investigator, Detective Harris, to find out if Shawn could be her biological son.

“I need to know if my son is still alive,” she told him, her hands holding her phone too roughly. “I think my friend’s adopted son might be my own.”


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