Fans call Goldie Hawn, 78, ‘ugly’ in swimsuit photos, Kurt Russell defends her, says she’s beautiful

With an unmatched amount of self-assurance, Goldie Hawn never lets her admirers down with her elegance, even in the face of hateful comments from the internet.

The performer, who acknowledges that “there’s a certain reality” for aging Hollywood stars, does not let the insults and derogatory remarks from trolls bother her.

Given that she is one of the most well-known actors in the business and that Kurt Russell is smitten with her, it should come as no surprise that the 78-year-old seems unfazed.

Goldie Hawn is a formidable woman, leading a famous family that includes the well-known actors Oliver (47), Kate Hudson (45), and Wyatt Russell (37).

Hawn’s girl-next-door charm earned her prominent parts in movies including Private Benjamin (1980), Overboard (1987) with Kurt Russell, with whom she has been in a relationship since 1983, and Stephen Spielberg’s The Sugarland Express (1972).

Before meeting the now 73-year-old Russell, Hawn went through two divorces. In 2007, she explained their decision to forgo marriage to Woman’s Day, saying, “We have done just perfectly without marrying.” I already feel committed, and isn’t that the whole point of marriage?

Additionally, Kate, who received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Almost Famous, maintains that the two are a perfect match.

“Mom is a butterfly and she moves quickly. Pa also enjoys his house and his family. But, Hudson says of her mother and stepfather—who also have an actor for a son—”When they’re together, it’s so powerful.”

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