Once upon a time, in a cozy suburban neighborhood, there lived a man named Bob, who was renowned for his extraordinary laziness. Bob’s idea of productivity was finding new ways to avoid work altogether. His wife, Sarah, on the other hand, was the epitome of efficiency, balancing work, household chores, and social commitments effortlessly.

One sunny Saturday morning, Sarah woke up with a long list of chores to tackle. As usual, Bob was still snoring away in bed, oblivious to the world outside his dreams. Determined to make Bob more proactive, Sarah hatched a mischievous plan.

She tiptoed to the kitchen and fetched a large pot, a ladle, and a bag of marbles. With a grin on her face, Sarah crept back into the bedroom. She positioned the pot strategically at the foot of the bed and scattered the marbles around it. Then, with a swift motion, she banged the ladle against the pot.

The loud noise jolted Bob awake, sending him tumbling out of bed and straight into the pot of marbles. Sarah burst into laughter as Bob struggled to extricate himself from the tangled mess of blankets and marbles.

“Sarah, what on earth?” Bob exclaimed, rubbing his sore bottom.

“Good morning, sleepyhead! Since you love sleeping so much, I thought I’d give you a wake-up call,” Sarah replied with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

From that day onward, Bob became slightly more attentive to his responsibilities around the house, knowing that Sarah’s creative wake-up calls could strike at any moment. And while his laziness never completely disappeared, their home was filled with laughter and playful antics, making their marriage stronger than ever.

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