Mom on a mission to show daughter with extremely rare birthmark that she is beautiful

All of us are born uniquely special and irrefutably beautiful in our own way.

One of the most breathtakingly fabulous things about being human is that no two of us are exactly the same, and as the years roll on we’re becoming far better as a species when it comes to accepting and celebrating our differences.

Mother Nicole Lucas Hallson is raising two beautiful kids, her son Asher and daughter Winry. But she’s also on a bigger mission, to prove the idea that we’re perfect due to our imperfections, and aims to reaffirm that her baby daughter, who was born with a rare birthmark, is beautiful just the way she is.

Nicole, who works as a teacher, was really concerned and shocked when the nurses handed Winry over to her after the delivery in February 2021.

She had a pretty normal pregnancy and didn’t expect her daughter to have a skin condition.

”I was lucky to have a pretty average pregnancy! I had morning sickness from about weeks 8-14, but as soon as that let up I felt great until the tiredness kicked in the last month,” she writes on her blog.

According to Nicole, it was probably the doctors and nurses who first spotted the CMN. But nothing came out of their mouths besides cheering and congratulations for such a fast and smooth delivery.¨

They also assured Nicole that all of Winry’s vitals looked good.

After Nicole had nursed her newborn daughter for a while, she started to look at Winry. First, the confused mother thought the big mark on Winrys head was just a bruise.

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