Jennifer Lopez warns Jennifer Garner to stay away from Ben Affleck, source sensationally claims

Jennifer Lopez is less than happy with Ben Affleck meeting with his ex-wife in the midst of his current marriage troubles.

That’s according to Radar Online, who in recent days have said that J-Lo went as far as to warn Jennifer Garner to stay away.

Regular readers will be all too familiar with the current state of affairs regarding ‘Bennifer’ and the twisting, turning saga shows no signs of slowing down. Late last week Jennifer Lopez canceled all the dates on her planned This Is Me… Now tour in order to spend time with her family, perhaps the most concrete indication yet that something is awry.

Affleck, meanwhile, has moved out of the couple’s Beverly Hills mansion, and various reports have suggested that he is less than happy with the current state of things.

It was rumored last week that the superstar actor had perhaps come to miss Lopez during their time apart, but there was a noticeable lack of outward affection when the couple met last weekend to watch Affleck’s son play in a basketball game.

Radar Online this week shed light on another facet of the ongoing debacle, claiming that J-Lo’s nose is out of joint as a result of Affleck meeting up with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

Affleck and Garner divorced back in 2015 but have retained a strong, supportive bond with one another. It can be assumed it’s that bond that has seen Garner attempt to help her ex-husband through his current woes.

Yet though her heart may be in the right place, Radar Online cite sources as having said that Jennifer Lopez has been openly opposed to Garner’s involvement.

“Everyone knows that Ben and Jen remained very close after their divorce. He confides in Jen about everything, even his issues with J Lo,” an insider reportedly told Life & Style.

“J Lo hates that Ben goes back to his sensible, down-to-earth ex-wife for advice and emotional support. She doesn’t want Jen’s input.”

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