Son Excludes Mother from Wedding Due to Denied $8300 Gift — Today’s Tale

Rick, the only son among seven siblings, faced disappointment when his expectation of a substantial monetary wedding gift from his mother went unmet.

Rick Gordon stood on the verge of matrimony, although he alone believed he was ready for such a significant step. Rick’s character, a blend of irresponsibility and charm, coupled with his pampered upbringing as the sole boy in a family of six sisters, made him the darling of the household. His sisters often undermined any parental discipline, ensuring Rick always had his way.

Carmen, Rick’s mother, loved her son dearly yet was under no illusions about his immaturity. She sensed that his upcoming marriage could either be a turning point or a stumble in his unsteady journey through life.

As the wedding day approached, Rick’s fiancée, Sandy, and her mother took joy in organizing the event, a task Carmen was deeply familiar with, having managed her daughters’ weddings. Amidst the planning, Rick contemplated the lavish expenditures of his sisters’ nuptials and decided to address what he viewed as a financial inequality.

Casually, Rick broached the subject with his mother. “Mom?” he inquired, “How much does a wedding dress cost these days?”

Carmen, taken aback, replied, “Goodness, Rita’s was $8,300! But I know they can be much more…”

Seizing the opportunity, Rick smiled and said, “Well then, I’ll take a check for $8,300!”

Carmen was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“I’m getting married and I want what my sisters received,” Rick stated. “I could really use the $8,300!”

Carmen, bewildered, reminded him, “But you said you were renting your tux! You even went with dad to pick it out!”

Rick retorted sharply, “I am renting the tux, but I think you owe me that money. I’m your child too! I have rights!”

Carmen, growing angry, challenged him, “RIGHTS? You want money because it’s your RIGHT?”

“Yes!” Rick exclaimed, his temper flaring. “You didn’t hesitate over the cost of six wedding receptions, so why skimp on a mere $8,300, which you can well afford?”

Carmen countered, “I may be able to afford it, but you don’t deserve it!”

Rick paled, “I knew it! You never loved me as you loved my sisters. Now your true feelings are clear!”

“That’s not true, Rick. I love all of you equally,” Carmen replied. “But you’ve squandered every opportunity we’ve given you! You gambled away your college fund, borrowed money from your sisters that you’ll never repay…”

“So you won’t give me the money?” Rick demanded, infuriated. “Sandy’s parents are giving us an apartment and $200,000 as seed money. All I wanted was a bit of cash…”

“$8,300 is not just a bit of cash, Rick,” Carmen responded, appalled. “And I hope you don’t gamble away Sandy’s gift or your marriage won’t survive a year!”

“Don’t curse my marriage!” Rick shouted. “I don’t want you at the wedding! Stay away!”

“Rick!” Carmen exclaimed, shocked. “You don’t mean that!”

“I do, Mother!” Rick insisted. “Dad can come, but you are NOT welcome!”

That evening, Carmen shared the ordeal with her husband, Bill, and wept in his embrace. Bill suggested, “Maybe we should just give him the money. It’s breaking your heart not to go.”

“No, Bill,” Carmen firmly replied. “We’ve indulged Rick too often. We must stand firm now, for his own good.”

Consequently, Carmen missed the wedding. Rick, feeling the absence of his mother, father, and sisters, began to question his decision.

Upon returning from his honeymoon, Rick admitted to Sandy he missed his family. “You need to apologize,” Sandy advised.

“Apologize!” Rick balked. “I was RIGHT! I deserved that money…”

Sandy, proving more sensible than Rick anticipated, disagreed. “You’ve left your parents to clean up costly messes for you…”

Rick reluctantly agreed and called his mother to apologize. “Mom? It’s Rick… I think maybe…You’re right…”

“Are you trying to apologize, Rick?” Carmen asked, requiring more effort.

“OK, Mom,” Rick conceded. “I’m sorry. I haven’t been responsible, but I want to do better.”

“Oh, Rick,” Carmen responded, tears in her eyes. “I’m so glad. I love you, and of course, I forgive you. Mothers always do!”

A week later, a family gathering at Rick and Sandy’s became a true celebration of union and forgiveness, marking a new beginning for everyone involved.

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