McDonald’s hopes to win back customers with $5 meal deal

Earlier this year McDonald’s came under fire after the receipt from a location in Connecticut went viral for its “outrageous pricing.” Word of an $18 Big Mac combo did not help the chain either.

Thus began the conversation about how much is too much for a meal at a fast food restaurant.

According to reports, fast food prices are up nearly 28% from 2019 to 2023. And while numerous things can be attributed to the rise of fast food prices, one thing is for sure, consumers are fed up.

Eating at home has become more affordable,” McDonald’s chief executive Chris Kempczinski said during an earnings call. “The battleground is certainly with that low-income consumer.”
n an attempt to bring back some customers, McDonald’s plans to introduce a new $5 meal deal.

The Wall Street Journal reports the $5 deal is slated to include a McChicken or McDouble, four-piece chicken nuggets, fries, and a choice of drink. The promotion, which is scheduled to last about a month is set to begin June 25.

While the deal has yet to go on sale, some consumers are already skeptical.

“$5 meal coming but for only 1 month?? No thanks! You want to lure us in and hope we’ll stay and want to pay your crazy high prices? Not a chance!”

“McDonalds has a new solution to inflation for you!! Turn the dollar menu into a $5 Meal Deal.”

“It wasn’t too long ago the McChicken was on the dollar menu. They should bring the dollar menu back.”

“Consumers continue to be even more discriminating with every dollar that they spend as they face elevated prices in their day-to-day spending, which is putting pressure on the industry,” Kempczinski said during an April call. “It’s imperative that we continue to keep affordability at the forefront for our customers.”

Will a $5 meal deal make you choose McDonald’s over another restaurant or even eating at home? Let us know in the comments.

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