Restaurant suing man who tipped $3k after shock revelation

In an unexpected turn of events, a Pennsylvania pizza restaurant, Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, is taking legal action against a customer who left a $3,000 tip!

The legal battle between the restaurant (known for its mention in the TV show The Office) and the customer commenced after his act of kindness took an unexpected turn…

A seemingly kind gesture
The incident unfolded last year when the customer, identified as Eric Smith, left waitress Mariana Lambert an eye-watering $3,000 tip for bill that was just $13 at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Smith, who ordered a plate of stromboli, allegedly left the hefty tip as part of a social media trend known as “Tips For Jesus.”

Initially, the staff at the pizza restaurant was skeptical due to the large sum of money. However, their excitement grew when the credit card payment was successfully processed.

Lambert, the recipient of the tip, was deeply moved, telling WNEP: “It really meant a lot to me because everyone’s going through stuff. It really touched my heart. I still can’t believe it. I’m still in shock.”

A rotten revelation
Though, the positive experience very swiftly turned sour when the restaurant received notification that Smith had lodged a dispute for the charge for the tip. Despite the fact that Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe had already paid Lambert the money, the customer claimed it had all been a big misunderstanding and said that he wanted the $3,000 back!

Alarmed by the situation, the restaurant attempted to resolve the matter through communication with Smith on Facebook. Unfortunately, the customer stopped responding to their messages, leaving Alfredo’s with no alternative but to pursue legal action to recover the $3,000.

achary Jacobson, the manager of the pizzeria, lamented the turn of events, saying: “We thought somebody was actually trying to do a good thing. And then now we are, what, three months later? Not even, and there’s nothing.”

He then added (via Newsful): “It’s just a little aggravating right now. It’s been causing a lot of nonsense and drama.”

With no resolution in sight, Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe decided to file charges through the magistrate’s office. Jacobson said that he hoped Smith would acknowledge his actions and take responsibility for the situation.

Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe gained recognition for its mention in Season 4, Episode 3 of The Office, titled “Launch Party.” In the episode, Dunder Mifflin office manager Michael Scott mistakenly orders pizza from Pizza by Alfredo instead of the preferred choice, Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe, leading to disappointment among the employees.

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