My spouse deceived me so severely that I nearly died, and now everything has come to light.

Some people believe in karma, but others don’t fully trust it. Our heroine today is a woman. She may not have thought about getting even or how life can go in circles, but her experiences have shown her that many times, justice does win in the end. It was bad for the woman’s health and well-being that her husband had betrayed her, but she told us that her husband had learned his lesson and was now lonely and unhappy.

The woman talked about her broken relationship, which hurt her.

Anna, who is 34 years old, just wrote us a letter and told us her story. She said that her bad relationship meant a lot to her, but when her beloved husband betrayed her, she saw how boomerang could work.

“My ex-husband and I were together since middle school,” the woman began her letter. Our four daughters are now teenagers. Until our youngest was in middle school, he worked part-time and stayed at home with the kids most of the time. I agreed to put money into one of his passion projects one day. He talked me into giving him a huge sum of money because he thought it was all he needed to start a really successful business with one of his friends.

Anna goes on and tells some bad news about what will happen to her investment next. “The first thing my husband did when he got this money from me was hire a receptionist,” she wrote. He then began seeing her other woman, and she got pregnant. In the end, he said that she baby trapped him. But at the time, it didn’t matter; that event broke me completely, and I felt like I was half-dead and half-alive after being so shocked. They still live together and have a son together.

Anna’s pain was unbearable, but her husband’s fake happiness didn’t last long either.

Anna continues her story by saying, “I went to therapy and took antidepressants every day for a long time.” I was still getting over the fact that he almost robbed me and stole my money, then cheated on me and had a child with someone else. It was a painful and slow process.

She also got news from her husband, whose relationship with the secretary wasn’t as great as he thought it would be. Anna wrote, “She got angry with him right away because she thought she had been lied to.” Girls thought my husband was a rich businessman who drove a cool car, dressed well, took her to cool places, etc. She really thought he was wealthy, but he was really just using my money to create the illusion that he was wealthy and very successful.
The secretary got pregnant on purpose, and she was honest about it, as my ex-husband told our mutual friends. She wanted to use my ex to get out of working for good, and she also wanted him to bring her family over from another country.

Anna cleared up some things about her wealth by saying, “Well, my family and I are rich.” We had several homes, and my parents paid for all of them.

But her ex-husband and his mistress couldn’t get anything from her and her family. “None of our multiple homes were actually registered in our names,” the woman wrote. For our whole lives, we were essentially “renting” from my parents and only giving them a small amount of money. When my parents died, my ex thought that these homes would be left to him. But in the end, he left our marriage with only about $20,000 in savings, some personal items, and a small car. He lost his business quickly because he couldn’t find any more investors. He was really broken.

Now the cheating husband is living the life he deserves.

One time, my ex-boyfriend called me and tried to tell me everything on his mind. He told her he felt like a lost cause. At first, he couldn’t believe that a young woman was interested in him. He thought the secretary loved him. But she didn’t give up, and he said she really tried to get his attention. He now says that she doesn’t care about or want him anymore.

Anna’s ex-boyfriend felt terrible about having an affair, but it was too late. Anna wrote, “During that conversation with me, he told me that he deeply regretted giving up his whole life for what he now saw as an ego trip.” He told me he loved me, and he still does. I still love him, though, and I told him there was no going back.

Anna told them that her ex-boyfriend and his mistress are now in a place they never thought they’d be. She wrote, “They both live with an old man in a messy old apartment, and his mistress still has to work.” Everything my ex-boyfriend lost was his fault. He lost our kids, my love, his family, his way of life, and his business. They have a son together, so they’re still together. He has even said that he doesn’t trust her with their son.
The woman who slept with him wouldn’t give him full custody, and she’s not a good mother. My ex-boyfriend admitted that he would worry about the safety of his child and the people his girlfriend would hang out with.

Because he slept with his secretary, the man even lost his children.

She wrote, “Even though he lied to me so badly, I have never said a bad word about their dad to our kids.” His involvement as a father has always been very high. He worked two or three days a week and then took care of the kids the rest of the time. He was even closer to them than I was, but over two years have passed since this betrayal, and our kids are still not getting along with him.

“All four of them feel so betrayed, and they blame their dad for breaking up our happy family,” the woman said. He should be blamed; it was his fault. But I did everything I could to help them get back together, but it didn’t work out. I told our kids more than once that their dad can’t change the past. At the moment, all they want is for their dad to respect their boundaries and stay away from them.

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