The “Dehumanizing” Birthday Present from My Future Mother-in-Law Shocked Me

People think that a wedding will make a woman happy. But most people agree that disagreements can happen, especially with mothers-in-law, which can make the event less exciting. Recently, a Reddit user who was having trouble with her relationship with her mother-in-law turned to the community for support and advice.

This is what she wrote:

“This woman is… I really don’t know what to say. I’m shocked, and I haven’t even told my close friends or family. I can’t say anything. I found this site through Google. I’ve read a few posts and seen some great advice, but nothing that applies to my situation. My fiancé is traveling for work, so I haven’t shown or talked to him yet.

It’s clear that this woman doesn’t like me, even though she hasn’t said it. She calls me by the names of my fiancé’s ex-wives, which are much longer than mine, even though my name is only three letters long. This was what she did until he caught her and told her to stop.

Her reason? She is old. She’s about 50 years old. “She’s so smart and passive-aggressive that I need a moment to understand what she means.”

She went on to explain:

“To give you some background, I come from a middle-class family and my fiancé’s family is very rich.” Anyway, my fiancé gave me a surprise party and thanked me with a wink. She said, “Your gift will be in the mail later.” It broke my heart to see that it was a prenup! In my family, no one has ever had to sign a prenup.

I looked up some of the terms and sent some pages to a coworker whose husband is a lawyer. He called me and told me not to sign it because it was “extremely aggressive.” For example, “I agree to not receiving spousal support in the event of divorce.” There is also a strange punishment for cheating. The craziest part I’ve read so far was about having to spend time with my future in-laws and my current in-laws.

She called me 100 times since the mailman brought it to me a few hours ago, so she knows I have it. I don’t know what to say at all. If that’s what my fiancé wants, I’m happy to sign a prenup. He asked FMIL what she got me, and she smiled and said, “You’ll see.” So I don’t think he knows.

A lawyer, on the other hand, said this one was “extremely unfair and dehumanizing.” I know that rich people do this, but getting it from your mother-in-law seems strange, doesn’t it? Does this happen all the time, or am I overreacting? Now FMIL sent me a message telling me to sign it and get it over with so we can start planning the wedding.

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