My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend wanted to throw a party at our house, and he let her.

It can be hard to deal with our partner’s ex-partners, especially when their child is involved. When Emma didn’t want to host her boyfriend’s son’s birthday party at their house, she was kicked out of the party. This put her in a tough spot. She looked for help online on how to deal with this awkward situation.

Here’s what she had to say:


Carl and I have been together for two years. His only son is seven years old. The birthday party for Carl’s son was supposed to be at our house because it’s big and open. Twenty-five of her son’s friends will be invited.

I said NO because the kids would damage our expensive, nice white furniture. I even suggested a good place for the party.

Marla got angry, though, and told me that I had no right to tell her son what he could or could not do at home. The worst part is that they ultimately booked the venue I suggested for the party, but I am not allowed to attend.

Carl doesn’t want to get in the way of my relationship with his ex-wife, but I think he’s mad at me for what I did. He told me the other night, “Well, it’s best if you just don’t go to the party.” Things will get worse.

However, I want to celebrate his son with my boyfriend. I feel like I belong in the family, and I believe Marla is being too sensitive. What do you believe I should do?

Yours, Emma”

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