This paraplegic dog celebrated turning 13 and was ecstatic to get a sweet surprise.

Since dogs don’t live as long as people do, each birthday is more meaningful to them, hence not everyone celebrates their dog’s birthday, but they really should.

A paraplegic dog recently turned 13 years old, and her owner planned a really unique surprise for her that made the canine extremely happy 🥹❤️

As a puppy, Scooty was struck by a car, which caused a spinal cord damage that left her hind legs permanently paralyzed. She doesn’t allow anything to stop her, though.

She is referred to as the “happiest dog in the world” on her TikTok, where films document her numerous excursions. She can move around with a wheelchair at times, or she can merely scoot by using her front paws.

As Scooty’s thirteenth birthday drew near, her owner realized she needed to plan something truly unique for this exceptionally special dog.

And she was well aware that Scooty would want a lavish balloon release to mark the occasion!

The owner gave Scooty a surprise of thirty balloons for her 11th birthday two years ago. Scooty was ecstatic and bounced around the room popping and chasing the balloons, so it was a hit.

To celebrate Scooty’s 13th birthday, she wanted to go even bigger, so she asked her fans and followers to give Scooty a balloon.

Many showed up in force, giving heartfelt birthday greetings along with balloons. The proprietor told Storyful, “I hand-wrote all of the messages people donated to Scooty and we received balloons from all over the world.”

It was quite successful. You can see the total happiness on her face in the video as Scooty entered after her big surprise:

“I feel so happy when I see her,” the owner stated. “I’ve never made a better choice than she was.”

What a touching scene ❤️ It serves as a reminder that despite their differences, all dogs should have happy, fulfilling lives.

Kindly forward this lovely tale and wish Scooty a very happy birthday! 🎈

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