My kids are upset with me because I’m using their inheritance.

It is terrifying to think about losing a beloved father or grandfather, and many people find it extremely difficult to handle such situations. However, one man was disheartened to see that as soon as his children learned about his illness, they began fighting over their future inheritance rather than feeling sorry for him. The father made the decision to post his narrative on Reddit, where he received the much-needed encouragement from other users.

A man related his experience.

“I’m sixty-three years old. By capitalizing on favorable economic conditions, I was able to accumulate sufficient funds for savings, enjoy a comfortable retirement, and provide my kids with a solid inheritance. But what they’ve done lately has crushed my heart.

Married to another lawyer, my eldest daughter practices law. My third son became an engineer, my youngest son works as a salesman, and my other son is also a lawyer.

My prognosis is cancer, and I might not have much time left. My kids started slitting each other’s backs to try and get their inheritance sooner after they found out. At first, there were a lot of verbal exchanges that turned into court disputes.

The final straw was when, while I was in the hospital receiving treatment, my daughter signed documents under false pretenses in order to obtain her brothers’ share of the inheritance. Now, the siblings can only communicate through attorneys and are unable to look each other in the eye.

I chose to spend the money despite my sadness over the situation, believing that if it was all gone, they wouldn’t have any more motivation to fight. I made charitable donations, bought my wife cosmetics, paid for our vacations together, gave my grandkids pricey presents, and bought my closest friends and coworkers better tools to do their jobs. Among other things, we paid for my funeral in advance and purchased a large TV.

Approximately 65–70% of my savings have already been depleted. I want to leave my wife with a respectable sum of money and enough to last me for the time I have left.

But my kids have begun to notice that I spend a lot of money and have begun to ask questions. My daughter independently deduced what had transpired. I didn’t have an answer because I was guilty of everything she said, but then she said that my selfish actions would hurt her children and that I was also cursing all of her grandchildren.

That got me to thinking: maybe I was too self-absorbed to see earlier that my grandchildren shouldn’t be punished for the transgressions of their parents. Now that’s my problem.”

Internet users sympathized with the poster.

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