My fiancé’s severely disabled child is not welcome at my wedding.

Although Sophia is hoping for a calm and uneventful wedding, she is concerned that her fiancé’s daughter may ruin it. She recommended to him that his daughter skip the ceremony, but she was shocked by his response. She has gone online to share her story and asks for guidance.

This is the letter from Sophia:

“The 13-year-old daughter of my fiancé suffers from severe intellectual disabilities. She yells and behaves erratically. I know she’ll ruin our wedding, but he wants her to be there.
In addition, she won’t understand what’s going on and will only be creating havoc around her.

He turned and said, “You must be forgetting that she is my daughter and wherever I go, she’ll go too,” after I told him I wanted her to miss the ceremony. He went on, “In that case, you should be the one who skips the wedding,” which horrified me. If you are unable to care for my child at this time, perhaps it would be best if we never got married.”

His response broke my heart. I want today to be perfect because it’s supposed to be my happiest day ever, but he knows all too well how much I love his daughter.
Are my demands too high?


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