My Wife’s Got a Princess Syndrome and Our Family Is Falling Apart Because of It

In his letter, a 38-year-old man expressed his worries regarding his family life. Because of the strange behavior his wife has been exhibiting, he has even given her name: “princess syndrome.” He clarified that his partner hasn’t been erratic, demanding, picky, or spoilt. She had never been preoccupied with her appearance until she developed an obsession with it. The man’s relationship with his wife suffered greatly as a result, and their happy marriage was even put in jeopardy.

The man’s wife has never had any strange hobbies; she has always been a moderate person.

Adam, a 38-year-old man, told his story and requested guidance.

“I have been married to my wife, Ashley, for over ten years now,” he began his letter. After she graduated from college, we started dating as casual friends. We were married shortly after, and ever since then, we’ve been happy and harmoniously together.”

Adam clarified that his wife has always valued their family and has never shown signs of desiring to lead a bohemian or extraordinarily opulent lifestyle. She likes casual attire and hasn’t become fixated on trendy clothing. “Ashley is an incredibly beautiful woman,” Adam wrote. Her effortless style has always made her look stunning, and her laid-back attire only served to accentuate her natural beauty. She has always known that she is a beautiful woman, and neither her appearance nor the type of makeup she applied have ever had an impact on her confidence.”

Ashley’s behavior abruptly changed one day.

Adam disclosed, “My profession is law, as is Ashley’s. We hold positions of high management in law firms and enjoy a stellar reputation within our industry. We have both been adhering to the dress code required by our occupation up until recently.”

The man clarified that both spouses’ circumstances had significantly changed since last year. He wrote, “Since last year, Ashley has been acting in a really strange way. I’m referring to her condition as “princess syndrome”. This is not to imply that Ashley has turned into a pampered, conceited, obnoxious, or fussy person. Not at all. She was still the same person. However, her clothes now seem to rule her life.”

Adam disclosed, “Ashley began dressing almost every day, even at work, like she was a princess from a fairy tale. She began dressing in a lot of long, fluttery skirts, lacey blouses, and similar items. I have noticed that her beauty makes it work for her. I even thought it was really attractive at first, but then I realized how much time she was spending on her clothes.”

The man went on, “Ashley’s reputation and value as an employee are the only things keeping her from running into problems at work right now. Her extravagant wardrobe has become a problem at work.” However, I have the feeling that this is only a temporary situation, and eventually the other senior managers and the rest of the staff will confront her. To top it all off, Ashley now has a sizable following on her blog, where she frequently shares outfit pictures, links to products, and other content. She now spends a lot of time on her blog, which is also turning into a major issue.”

The situation is steadily getting worse and is negatively impacting both spouses.

Adam stated, “I’ve always been very supportive of my wife’s hobbies and I never chastised her for the clothes and accessories that she chose.” But even for me, it’s getting to be too much now. People often ogle us with wide eyes when we go out together. I feel uneasy when they see what she’s wearing. Additionally, I’ve witnessed people secretly taking photos of her with their phones. I’m irritated by this attention. Ashley refused to listen to my repeated requests for her to calm down.”

“I always stress that I love her just the way she is,” Adam clarified, “but Ashley just seems to brush it off.” Although some of her coworkers even began to encourage her, I had hoped that the negative reactions from people in her office would make her more serious. I’m just concerned that eventually people won’t regard her seriously.”

Adam also brought up something else that has kind of turned into an issue for their family. “Ashley started talking about an open marriage recently,” the author wrote. She has never brought up this topic previously, so I’m not sure how it relates to her “princess syndrome”. She tried to frame it as a joke at first, but after bringing it up multiple times, she began to speak about it more seriously. She keeps bringing up the subject of open relationships, even after I made it apparent to her why I oppose them.”

Adam is unsure of what to think or do in this circumstance.

“I feel like Ashley is suddenly not Ashley anymore,” Adam admitted. Although she resembles my wife, I can tell that she is a different person now that we share a home. There is nothing more I need to talk to Ashley about. She always shifts the conversation to fashion and style whenever I try to share something interesting with her. My wife and I used to have highly animated, captivating, and intelligent discussions about the legal matters we were handling. We’ve always enjoyed exchanging thoughts and working together to resolve complex legal issues in relatively complex ways. But now it’s all lost. My wife is gone, and I have a princess at home.”

The man disclosed that he is currently weighing his options. He genuinely believes that they both require a separation from one another and some alone time to reflect. However, Adam acknowledged that he fears what Ashley will do with her “free time” now that he is temporarily out of her life.

“I’m not even sure that Ashley isn’t cheating on me or that she won’t cheat on me in the future,” the man said in closing. Given the amount of attention she’s receiving from men these days and her views on an open marriage, I believe that everything is now possible. Since Ashley’s strange “hobby” has already had so many negative effects on our family, I truly don’t know what to do with it.”

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