Former Employee of DA Fani Willis Is Giving Republicans Information: Jordan

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan revealed in a Fox News interview that a former employee of the Fulton County District Attorney’s office is providing information to House Republicans regarding the potential misuse of federal funds by the office.

This comes as the Department of Justice is investigating allegations of misconduct by District Attorney Fani Willis. Jordan criticized the investigation led by Willis’s office, which includes prosecuting former President Donald Trump and others for allegedly conspiring to overturn the 2020 election.

According to Jordan, the Department of Justice has identified inconsistencies in Fulton County’s reporting of federal grant funding, prompting further scrutiny. A subpoena was issued earlier to Willis’s office to obtain documents related to the potential misuse of federal funds. The subpoena referenced allegations that a former employee of the district attorney’s office was demoted after raising concerns about the misuse of federal grant funds intended for gang prevention efforts.

Willis’s office has not publicly responded to these allegations, but previously stated they would comply with the House subpoena. However, Willis criticized the investigation, arguing that it would divert resources from prosecuting crime. Meanwhile, efforts by President Trump and other defendants to remove Willis and her office from the case have been unsuccessful, though a conflict of interest was acknowledged by the presiding judge.

The Court of Appeals has yet to decide whether it will take up the matter, while Judge McAfee plans to continue with the case in the interim. The developments underscore ongoing legal battles and controversies surrounding the prosecution of Trump and others in Fulton County.

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