Teacher Suspended For Posting ‘Provocative’ Selfie On Facebook. See it below!

Students at a school rallied behind teacher Lydia Ferguson after she was suspended for posting a selfie online, which the school deemed “provocative.” The students launched a petition in support of Ferguson, arguing that there was nothing inappropriate about the photo, which showed her sitting on a bed in a white dress, displaying a bit of leg.

They emphasized Ferguson’s role as a dedicated teacher who supports students dealing with issues like bullying. The head teacher, Sue Carbert, addressed the controversy, stating that concerns about staff members wouldn’t be discussed with students and that conclusions drawn lacked factual basis.

Many readers echoed the students’ sentiments, criticizing the school’s decision to suspend Ferguson. They argued that the photo was not inappropriate and that the school’s response seemed to stem from biases regarding Ferguson’s appearance. Some questioned why Ferguson couldn’t have a personal life outside of school and expressed frustration with what they perceived as small-mindedness.

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