Jen and her husband, in their 70s, cherished their five grandchildren and were always there for them. After Eloise’s recent wedding, they followed their tradition of gifting the cheapest item on the registry along with $40,000. However, when Eloise criticized the gift, calling them cheap, Jen revealed they had planned to give her the money separately. Hurt by Eloise’s reaction, they decided against giving her the money.

When Eloise learned about the tradition, she questioned why she didn’t receive the $40,000. Jen explained that her reaction to the wedding gift influenced their decision. Despite Eloise’s pleas and tears, they stood by their choice, emphasizing the importance of respect and family values over material things.

Eloise felt unfairly punished and threatened not to attend Christmas, accusing them of exclusion. Jen reassured her of their love but stood firm in their decision, hoping she would understand and reflect on their actions.

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