Deidre Hall is now 76 years old and here is what she looks like with her son…

Deidre Hall, renowned for her portrayal of Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives, has captivated audiences for over four decades.

However, her journey to motherhood at the age of 45 remained largely unknown to many fans. Hall’s two adult children exhibit distinct personalities, reflecting their individuality.

Throughout her illustrious career, Hall has received numerous accolades, including the AWRT Outstanding Television Role Model Award and five Soap Opera Digest Best Actress Awards.

She attributes much of her success to the guidance of her mentor, Frances Reid, whom she fondly remembers following Reid’s passing in 2010.

Hall’s influence extends beyond television, with her involvement as a celebrity ambassador for the Hallmark To Kids with Love card line and her role as Dexatrim’s spokesperson.

Despite her professional achievements, Hall faced personal challenges on her path to motherhood, undergoing multiple rounds of IVF, surgery, and artificial insemination.

Ultimately, she and her husband, Steve Sohmer, pursued surrogacy, welcoming two children, David and Tully.

Hall candidly shared her fertility journey in the made-for-TV film Never Say Never: The Deidre Hall Story, highlighting the emotional complexities of her experience.

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