“I had no idea “Carrot, egg or coffee” means that.” Grandmothers are undoubtedly the wisest people.

Life can often be difficult where we have to face problems and share them with the people we love and trust, so we don’t feel alone.

One woman’s world was shattered when she discovered her husband was cheating on her. She went to her grandma to talk to her and explain everything.

The old lady said follow me into the kitchen and watch. There she took three pots with boiling water and took an egg, a carrot, and some coffee beans to put in the pots.

Although the woman was confused her grandmother told her to be patient. Shortly after, she told her granddaughter to take the carrot out of the water and explain what the water did to the vegetable.

The granddaughter replied saying, it softened the root of the carrot while it hardened the egg. In the third pot, the coffee beans were the ones that changed the water.

The grandmother then asked her to decide which one she was, the egg, the carrot, or the coffee beans. When difficulties enter our life, sometimes it can make us soft, and we are more flexible and more understanding. Other times it makes us tougher and stronger.

However if we chose to be a coffee bean, we do not let situations affect us, and we do the best we can to elevate ourselves to another level and change the situations in the way it suits us.

The woman learned a great lesson that day.

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