Michael Jordan “A Slap In The Face” Into Colin Kaepernick

Michael Jordan, the basketball icon, recently said something provocative about former quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Jordan said he wanted to “slap some sense” into Kaepernick for choosing to protest during the playing of the national anthem.

Jordan spoke on his memories of black athletes who, like Kaepernick, covered their hearts with their hands during the playing of the national anthem.
Jordan continued by saying that Kaepernick would never get back the years he lost to not playing football, therefore he should “give in” and stand for the singing of the national anthem. Jordan said that Kaepernick “must hate the troops” in reference to his protesting, raising further doubts about his motivations. He was disappointed that Kaepernick would abandon his career because of the problem.

Jordan could not help but notice that Kaepernick was kneeling throughout the playing of the national anthem, even though he raised his fist in support of his cause. He said that before choosing to protest in this way, Kaepernick ought to have spoken with a veteran.

Jordan’s remarks have drawn flak for being disrespectful and ignorant of the reason behind Kaepernick’s protest. Many contend that Kaepernick’s protest was intended to draw attention to institutional racism and police brutality rather than to show disrespect for the flag or the armed forces.

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